PT. DEWA RUCI AGUNG is one of dockyards which is located on Jalan Nilam Barat No. 20A, Surabaya, Telp. +62 (31) 3291276 and Fax. +62 (31) 3291275. Our dockyard has been founded since 1975, with the total area is of 5100 sq. meters, to serve of ships repair for the local owners, Indonesian Navy and Indonesian Government. At the previous, we just had a simple technical workshop and Graving Dock. There was no new construction / new building of the vessels. However, in early 2007 we are going to the both repair and new building also. It is very possible when our dockyard were renovated to be having a space of the building berth.

To get an experience of shipbuilding, we are going to start with the new construction of Tugboat 2400 HP. At this moment, we have already constructed a vessel with the sub-module system (sub-block system). Recently, we build a Mini AHT 36 meters (Anchor-handler and Tug) with implementing the semi block system. This is quite success to shorten of production schedule. Nowadays, we are very confident to run both activities; ship repair and ship building.